How to get to Sicily?

By land, air or water? There are several means, even cheap and fast that allow you to reach Sicily!


By Plane

The most convenient way to reach Sicily is definitely by plane!
Arriving in Sicily by plane allows you to reduce travel times, enjoy a breathtaking view of the island and arrive relaxed and loaded for the holiday.
The main airports of Sicily that offer International and Intercontinental flights are 2:
the Fontanarossa in Catania and the Puntaraisi in Palermo!
In Sicily there are also 2 Military Airports open to civil traffic: the Vincenzo Florio of Trapani and the Pio La Torre of Comiso
Between the Minor Islands, only Lampedusa and Pantelleria have their own airport!

By Train

The Italian Railway Network allows you to arrive in Sicily by train!
With a Direct Night Train you can leave after dinner, sleep by train and in the morning be in Sicily.
The first railway station in Sicily is located in Messina and allows connections to the main Italian cities!
To cross the Strait of Messina, the Trains that arrive at Villa San Giovanni are dismantled and loaded on a Ferry, at no extra cost for Passengers!

By Bus

The Main Italian Cities offer Bus Transport Services to Sicily!
Almost all companies offer bus trips with every comfort possible!

By Car

Getting to Sicily by car obviously takes more time, but once you reach your destination, you can move freely to discover the beauty of the island.
The European Motorway Network allows easy access to Italy.
To reach Sicily by car you can take advantage of the Italian Highway Network!
From Northern Italy you can follow the A1 motorway to Naples and then move on the A3 to Villa San Giovanni where you embark on the ferry to Messina.
From Messina you can follow the Sicilian Highway Network to move around the island.

By Ship

Sicily can also be reached by sea via passenger ships and ferries!
The main ports of Sicily are 3: Messina, Catania and Palermo!
The ports of Sicily are connected with the ports of Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia, Naples and Villa San Giovanni!
You can carry your own Vehicle on most Ferries!

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