Milazzo is the Italian capital of biodiversity at the City Nature Challenge

The natural area of Capo Milazzo

Capo Milazzo is among the most interesting landscape and naturalistic sites of the province of Messina, a place where nature has created the ideal conditions for Mediterranean flora and fauna! This balcony overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea is of breathtaking beauty, a true environmental paradise, able to give enchanting views.

Milazzo has managed to place first in Italy for biodiversity at City Nature Challenge 2022: an annual scientific competition to document urban biodiversity, with the help of residents and visitors who report plants, animals and other organisms living in urban areas. Milazzo has beaten Messina, Catania and other Italian cities totaling more than 10,000 sightings for a total of 1,500 different species reported. Compared to the European territory Milazzo remains in the top 10, finishing in seventh place.

Among the rarest species sighted in the territory of Capo Milazzo stands the African Nightingale, a discreet bird that also lives in environments influenced by man, such as olive groves and reserves. As for the flora, the most interesting sight is that of the sticky thistle-bullet, a Sicilian species found only in Milazzo.