Alicudi is among the best islands to get away from the chaos according to CNN

The island of Alicudi seen from the sea

Alicudi is one of the wildest and least frequented islands of the Eolie, characterized by pristine beaches, cliffs overlooking the sea and a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. There are no paved roads, no cars or motorcycles to pollute the air, but only dirt paths that lead to the houses of the few inhabitants of the island. There are no big shops, but only small bars and family hotels that offer local products and warm and welcoming hospitality.

The island of Alicudi was recently awarded as one of the Europe’s best islands to get away from everyone and find inner peace. The ranking was drawn up by the famous American television network CNN, which in the article took into account factors such as naturalistic beauty and quiet! The island is famous for its peace and quiet, ideal for those looking for a break from everyday life and want to regenerate in an unspoilt and wild environment.

The characteristic volcanic cone of Alicudi rises from the Tyrrhenian Sea with a dramatic effect - writes the CNN - with colorful fishing boats swaying along the coast completing the postcard view.

The island of Alicudi is an ideal destination for those looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience, away from mass tourism and surrounded by unspoilt nature. His award in the ranking of the best islands in Europe to get away from everything CNN, is a confirmation.